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The Reservoir

Premiered on 3 May 2016
Wilton's Music Hall as part of Wilton's Strike Festival

Choreography and performance by Thomasin Gulgec and Estela Merlos.

Music by cellist and producer Oliver Coates

Trailer of the performance available here


Premiered on 26 November 2015
Robin Howard Theatre, The Place (London)

Solo work commissioned by Graham Watts, Fabiana Jaramillo and British Spanish Society.

Choreography and Performance: Estela Merlos

Music: Mecánica Popular - Luis Delgado y Eugenio Muñoz

“She is covered in these mystical creatures that go all the way down both arms to her finger tips. On her left shoulder she has this large tattoo of a deer, the one animal who could pass from the earth to the spiritual world and back again”

Inspired by the alliance of women with nature in nomadic culture, this solo explores the intuition and vigilance of the feminine figure.

Sonic Journey

Sonic Journey is a highly participative project directed by Spanish media composer and musicologist Yaiza Varona. This project aims to gather a multidisciplinary team of artists in collaboration, in which the audience interaction has an immediate impact on all members' involvement during its performance.

Video excerpts in collaboration with Yaiza Varona, film director Juan Del Gado and Estela Merlos available here

Serpentine Galleries

A unique collaboration between designer Martino Gamper, la Renascent department store in Milan and the Serpentine Galleries.

Pasted is a preview exhibition devised by design curator Libby Sellers to celebrate the forthcoming launch of the Serpentine Galleries Wallpaper Collection by artists, architects and designers in May 2015.

To watch video click here

Choreography: Malgorzata Dzierzon
Dancers: Thomasin Gulgec and Estela Merlos
Film Drector: Flavia Rittner

My Dust Will Tell

Short trailer

Premiered on 24th January 2015.
Robin Howard Theatre - The Place (London) as part of Resolution!

Choreography: Estela Merlos

Dancers: Piedad Albarracín Séiquer and Estela Merlos
Music: R. Enrique González
Costume: Paula Tafalla

My Dust Will Tell is a journey of courage, exploring the urge of escaping from what may be imposed on us.

"This process has allowed me to go beyond my boundaries, I have been able to relate real memories to every moment of the choreography which have evoked a natural symbiosis of movement and emotion from the beginning of the creation. Every day in the studio has been a new challenge, a new discovery of my own self"

                                                                                                         Dancer, Piedad Albarracín Séiquer

Entre Tú y yo

Short trailer

Click here to watch a dance documentary on Entre Tú y Yo by Pierre Tappon 

Rambert's Evening of New Choreography

Premiered at Lilian Baylis Studio Theatre December 2013

Choreography: Estela Merlos

Dancers: Jon Savage, Hannah Rudd, Miguel Altunaga and Adam Park