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  • 4th to 17th November 2016 

After six weeks creation in London with choreographer Didy Veldman, Estela will be touring around the UK with 'The Happiness Project' alongside dancers Dane Hurst, Hannah Kidd, Mathieu Gefreé and composer Alexander Balanescu. 

Premiere at Dance East, Ipswich on 4th November 2016. For further information and other touring dates - including venues in 2017 -  please visit Umanoove website.

  • 2nd July 2016

bedum bedum is a new creation by Thomasin Gulgec and Estela Merlos. Commissioned by Dance West and Ignition Dance Festival, their work will be premiered at The Rose Theatre, Kingston on 2nd July 2016.

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  • 3rd May 2016

The Reservoir premiere. New dance commission by Wilton's Strike Dance Festival on the theme of MEMORY.
Choreography and performance: Estela Merlos & Thomasin Gulgec
Music: Solo cellist and producer  Oliver Coates

Tickets available here. Free event but pre-booking strongly recommended. 

  • 25th February to 12th March 2016

    Since end of January Estela has been involved in creating a new dance production choreographed by The Print Room associate artist Hubert Essakow. Terra will premiere at The Coronet Theatre on 25th February and will run three weeks of shows, ending on 12th March 2016.

    For further information about the production and to book tickets please click here

  • 11 January 2016
Duet choreographed by Estela Merlos and Rambert dancer Miguel Altunaga ¿Y ahora adónde vamos? will premiere at Valencia Dancing Forward Fundraising Gala, at La Rambleta Theatre, Spain.

  • 15 and 16 November 2015

Estela will perform Patricia Okenwa's Void.II at Rambert New Choreography and will also show a working progress of ¿Y ahora adónde vamos? a new collaboration with Miguel Altunaga. 

For more information about tickets please click here

  • 26 and 29 November 2015

Estela has recently finished creating UKOK, a new solo she will premiere in London on 26 November at the Robin Howard Theatre - The Place, London, as part as the British Spanish Society Gala, event curated by Graham Watts and patron Tamara Rojo.

UKOK will be also presented at the New Diorama Theatre in London on the 29 Nov. A diverse dance programme organised by Cloud Dance Festival director Chantal Guevara.

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  • 6 Novemeber 2015

Estela will be joining Renaud Wiser Dance Company for a double bill programme at Dance East Ipswich: Metropolis and Who killed Bambi?

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  • 16 and 17 September 2015


Estela will be performing in the revival of Shobana Jeyasingh's Strange Blooms at the Queen Elisabeth Hall, Southbank, London. 

For further information please click here

The evening will also include Material Man, a new creation by the choreographer. The two works will tour until mid October. For further information please visit Shobana Jeyasingh Dance website.

  • 6 August 2015


Estela will be performing vUka with dancer and choreographer Mbulelo Ndabeni (N'da Dance Company). The duet is a new commission for African Late at the Horniman Museum & Gardens. 

The evening will include contemporary performances inspired by the rich culture of Africa and the African Diaspora.

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  • 23 to 26 July 2015


Estela will be joining New Movement Collective for their 8 days open research at the Barbican Centre, in collaboration with ScanLab Projects and cellist Oliver Coates.

Inspired by life cycles, archeology and new technologies, our research opens the creative process to the public and incorporates architectural 3D scanning, 3D printing live on site and a specially created audio guide.


Thursday 23 July - Sunday 26 July at 5pm

For further information click here

© Matthew Shaw - Dancer: Clemme Sveaas

  • 6 June 2015


Thomasin Gulgec and Estela Merlos will perform a commission by Kettle's Yard Gallery - University of Cambridge.

Choreographed by Malgorzata Dzierzon and composed by Kate Whitley, the duet is inspired after French artist Henri Gaudier Brzeska.

© Pierre Tappon

For further information about the perfomances please click here

  • 3 June 2015


Duet work commissioned by Ignition Dance Festival, Kingston. 

Choreography by Rambert dancer and NMC founder Patricia Okenwa, performed by Stefano Rosato and Estela Merlos.

© Stephen Wright

For further information about the performance please click here

  • 24 April 2015


Solo performance by Estela Merlos at Dance Festival Palma amb la Dansa in Majorca, choreography by Avatara Ayuso

Solo 'Balikbayan' is an atmospheric and dazzling work inspired by Phillipino woman and her story of migration. This significant and enduring piece reveals the woman's innermost desire to regain her sense of self-identity. 

© Pau Ros

For further information about the performance click here

  • 22 March 2015


Analema Group -  Union Chapel Organ Project

The evening features three improvisations of the organ in collaboration with percussion, dance, viola, cello and voice, performed by outstanding contemporary musicians and a dancer. KIMA questions relationship between music and visual form, movement and structure, colour and light. Union Chapel’s unique carved ceiling becomes a canvas for patterns and colour as properties of sound – transforming each performance into an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

Estela will perform 'Mare Undarum' at Union Chaple - London- in collaboration with Analema Group, Claire M Singer and Joby Burgess.

Tickets available here


Watch Estela's Interview about the event and her experience with Kima's Collaborators:

  • 12 of March 2015


Thomasin Gulgec and Estela Merlos will perform a commission by Kettle's Yard Gallery - University of Cambridge, choreographed by Malgorzata Dzierzon and to Kate Whitley's score. The duet is inspired after French artist Henri Gaudier Brzeska 

© Pierre Tappon

  • 24 of January 2015


Estela will perform her new creation 'My Dust Will Tell' alongside dancer Piedad Albarracín Seiquer and musician R. Enrique González. 

  • 24 and 25 of November 2014


Estela will take part in a new full evening production choreographed by Avatara Ayuso , commissioned by Spain Now Festival and funded by Arts Council of England.

Premiere at Lilian Baylis Studio Theatre, London.

© Pau Ros

To purchase tickets please click here

  • 24 and 25 of October 2014


Estela will perform solo Balikbayan by Avatara Ayuso at site specific Micronesia Festival, project ran in collaboration with Periferias Huesca, Park in Progress and Peppinieurs.

  • 5, 6 and 7 of September 2014


Performances of 'Dark eye' a new piece choreographed by Rambert Dancer Miguel Altunaga at the Deloite Ignite Festival.

Dancers: Hannah Rudd, Miguel Altunaga and Estela Merlos

Premiere at Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House.