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Estela teaches Contemporary dance and Classical Ballet, as well as workshops on Improvisation and Dance Composition. 

Her interest in martial arts have a strong influence in her practice as a dance artist. Her classes combine high physicality with a strong focus on mind-body connection, space and sensorial awareness, emphasising elements of breath, circular flow and grounding.

Estela occasionally teaches for:



On Stage Escola de Dansa
Escola de Dansa Madó


European Dance Centre Paris 

Photography taken by Lee Smikle during workshop with Shoreditch Youth Dance. January 2015

Estela is also member of MAP (Moving Assembly Project), directed by South African born dancer and choreographer Dane Hurst. MAP aims to facilitate a cross-cultural, multidisciplined training and performance programme by assembling a team of artists from the U.K and connecting them to diverse and vibrant developing countries.